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  • HVAC Software Solution.  new
    Bella provides easy-to-use web-based HVAC Software designed to help you run your HVAC Service business more efficiently and save time and money.
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    Did you just get a call from a pleasant sounding person with a foreign dialect letting you know that they have detected errors on your computer? They'll even offer to show you what is wrong and 'fix' it for you. You've just become a target and potential victim of a PC Support Scam. This scam is known by many names, It's been called the Fake Tech Support Call Scam, The Event Viewer Scam, The Ammyy Scam, and The TeamViewer Scam (the last two names denote the name of the legitimate remote connection tool used by the scammers to connect to and take control over your computer). This scam is global and has likely bilked millions of dollars out of victims worldwide. The scam has been around for several years and doesn't appear to be losing any steam. If anything it seems to be becoming more prevalent, with new variants cropping up everyday, How Can You Spot a PC Support Scam Attempt? Here Are Some Clues to Help You: Clue #1: THEY called YOU This is the biggest tip-off of the scam. Microsoft, Dell, or any other major company's tech support organization is not likely going to waste their resources to call you. If you have tech support problems, they know that you will call them. They are not going to go looking for trouble. The scammers will tell you that they are doing this is a "public service". Don't buy into this, it's complete BS. Clue #2: The Caller ID Says MICROSOFT, TECH SUPPORT, or Something Similar and Appears to Originate From a Legitimate Number This is another key part of the scam. What's the first thing you check when the phone rings? The caller ID information, of course. This information is what helps the scammer establish legitimacy. Your brain tells you that the caller ID info validates the claims of the caller so they must be for real, right? WRONG. The scammers are trying to build a pretext for their scam. If someone was trying to scam you in person, they would wear a tech support badge. Spoofed caller ID information is just like putting on a fake badge, it looks legit, so many people believe it. Spoofing Caller ID info is extremely easy via Voice Over IP technology, Check out our article on Caller ID Spoofing for full details on how the process works. Clue #3: They Have a Thick Foreign Accent But Use a Name That is Usually of Western Origin This is one of the funniest parts of the scam for me. The scammer will usually have an extremely thick foreign accent, but will claim that their name is something decidedly western such as "Brad". If I tell them that they don't sound like a "Brad" then they will usually counter with something like "my name is so hard to pronounce that I use Brad instead to make things easier for people". Yeah, I'm sure that's the reason. Clue #4: They Claim That Your Computer is "Sending Off Errors", "Sending Out SPAM", "Infected with a New Virus that is Undetectable by Current Scanners", or something else similar Nobody wants to cause problems for others or get in trouble for having a computer that is doing bad things, and no one wants a virus. This part of the scam scares the user into wanting to have the scammer take action. Their purpose is to create fear in your mind that your computer is infected and is trying to do bad things to other computers. This is the part where the scam gets dangerous. The scammers want to take control of your computer, but not for the purpose of fixing it as they claim. The scammers want to infect your computer with malware, rootkits, keyloggers, etc. In order for them to do so, they need a way in. There are several free remote connection software packages that are completely legitimate tools designed for remote tech support. Some of the more popular ones used by the BOTH scammers & genuine support companies include Ammyy, TeamViewer, LogMeIn Rescue, and GoToMyPC. The quickest way to get these idiots off the phone is to tell them that you don't have a computer at all.As with any scam, there will be new variants as the scam is refined, so be on the lookout for new tactics, but the basic clues above will probably remain unchanged. Now, how do you tell a scammer apart from the Genuine Deal? Well first things first, the GENUINE DEAL will always offer you a FREE ONE TIME SERVICE. Scammers don’t want to fix anything on your computer, they want to make it more difficult for you to use your computer so that you are forced to buy one of their packages. The Genuine Deal will offer you a FREE ONE-TIME FIX, NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Once the FREE servicing is done, you will have the option of calling the Genuine Support Company back in a couple of days to avail of a discount on the various yearly packages that they have. To try out a GENUINE PC SUPPORT COMPANY, try or fell free to call them on 1-888-961-4986 with the DISCOUNT CODE (otr214353) to avail of the FREE ONE TIME FIX.
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  • IBM Server Dealer  new
    Sterling Infoways – Provides IBM System X3500M2, IBM Series, IBM Server, IBM Dealer, IBM ThinkPad Dealer in gurgaon, IBM System X3500M2 in Gurgaon, IBM ThinkPad, IBM Dealer in Delhi, IBM Server in India, IBM Dealer in India, IBM System X3500M2 Dealer in Gurgaon,
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  • Imac I5  new
    The future belongs to multicore processors, and the future of Mac CPUs could well belong to Intel's
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  • Imac I7  new
    As someone who edits video and composes music for a living, I usually turn to Mac Pros when buying a
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  • Importance of a PABX Systems in Telecommunication  new
    The Panasonic PABX systems from VRS Computers ensures that your business telephony requirements like video conferencing, 3 way conferencing, call forwarding, desktop sharing and other methods of communication to improve your communication equation with your clients are addressed properly. Contact us if you want to get PABX Systems for your business.
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  • Inkjet Superstore Coupons  new
    Inkjet Superstore Coupons will show you the best offers of the best ink and toner deals. Find amazing bargains on ink and toner cartridges as well as coupons for other office supplies.
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  • iPad Rent Dubai  new
    ipad rental and repair services in dubai presentation of your company or project to clients, all kind of best models and inbuilt features in ipads.we will give you rental contract for short period and long period facilities available. Our iPads and accessories are always up to date and in tip top shape, so your event will really shine.reasonable prices for repair and rental best iPad Rental Experience for their important events, shows, presentations and meetings on a regular basis.ipad rent dubai.For more details:
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  • Keyboards, Mice, Mouse and Accessories  new
    Wireless Keyboards, Computer Keyboards, Computer Mouse, Wireless Mouse, Trackball Mouse, Wireless Keyboard Mouse, Wireless Touchpad Keyboards, Slim Keyboards, Multimedia Keyboards, USB Optical Mouse, Cordless Optical Mouse.
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  • Koleksi Skema Rangkaian|Artikel Elektronika  new
    Skema,Rangkaian,elektronika,Adaptor,Alarm,Amplifier,Audio,Tone control,SubWoofer,Seven Segment, Charger,Box peaker, UPS,Inverter,Converter, Downloader,Mikrokontroller,PCB
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  • Laptop battery for APPLE PowerBook G4 15 inch M9325G A1078  new
    Apple laptop Batteries - This is 11.1 V, Li-ion Replacement Laptop battery for APPLE PowerBook 15 available with 3 years warranty and Mini card reader + SD card adaptor etc. This battery is 100% compatible with the APPLE OEM one.
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  • Laptops All  new
    Laptops | Apple | acer | Asus | HP | Notebooks | Lenovo | Dell | Sony
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