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  • 10 Questions To Ask your Granite Worktop Supplier  new
    Getting all the correct information is essential when purchasing your granite or quartz worktop. Here are 10 questions you should ask to granite worktop supplier.
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    Having hardwood floors at home surely looks great, but it may lose its shine and charm over time if you do not maintain it properly. Moreover, if your hardwood floor is located in the busiest areas of your home, such as the kitchen or the living room; you need to take extra care to make sure the floor remains in perfect condition. With regular maintenance and cleaning, it isn’t that difficult to keep up appearances but if you use the wrong cleaning technique, your floor could get permanently damaged. 1. Liquids can be the biggest adversaries to hardwood floors. The next time you spill something on the floor such as water, coffee or a beverage, clean it immediately with a dry cloth. Water based cleaning solutions are bad for hardwood floors, thus it is vital to find and use the appropriate ones that match well with your hardwood. 2. Always use a broom or a brush with soft bristles to clean hardwood floors. You should never use a mop as it may cause permanent staining or streaks. 3. Use a vacuum cleaner periodically to remove the dirt and dust which could over time build up between the thin lines of the wood. 4. Take necessary steps to prevent direct sunlight from hitting your floor. Long term exposure to the sun makes hardwood floors become dull. 5. Take great precautions when moving furniture around, as they tend to leave minor scratches on hardwood flooring. It’s best to simply lift up your furniture rather than dragging them here and there. 6. Furthermore, use ‘felt feet’ on the bottom of any tables, stands or other furniture types to prevent permanent scratches. 7. It’s wise to use rugs on the areas of your home that are highly prone to spills. 8. Never repair broken gaps or other flooring problems on your own. It’s always best to consult a professional when you find any faults with your flooring. 9. Make sure to never buy and use any cleaning solutions that are made exclusively for the other types of flooring - such as laminates. 10. It’s recommended to keep your pets’ nails trimmed to prevent possible scratching as well. If you follow and pay close attention to all these steps, your hardwood floors will stay strong and beautiful for many years! In addition, it’d be wise to speak with a flooring expert every now and then to keep up to date on all the latest tips and techniques in order to keep your hardwood floors beautiful.
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  • 10 Ways to Spring Clean Your Finances  new
    10 Ways to Spring Clean Your FinancesSpring: It's the season of invigoration, a time to ditch dusty
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  • 100 Cotton Flat Sheets  new
    For many people, the comfort that 100% cotton flat sheets have no comparison. But buying these sheet
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  • 100 Shower Cubicles  new
    A wide and exciting range of modern contemporary bathroom suites and shower units at bargain prices. Fast UK delivery available.
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