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  • What is Telepathy All About  new
    How many times have we not wished to say something without using words, to express our feelings or thoughts only to one single individual without letting others around us know what we are saying to each other? Without removing our mobiles and texting. Just like the super heroes of the movie X Men. It is possible only if we have the knowledge about this physical science, known as Telepathy. What is Telepathy? 1 The telepathy Expert of speaks about his experiences and expertise. Tele means distance and pathy stands for feelings. It is a concept of transferring ones thoughts or feelings mentally, without using any verbal or solid means of communication, with the help of psychic powers. The word Telepathy was discovered by Frederic W H Myers, who was researching on paranormal activities of people suffering from psychological illnesses. Would You Like To Try Communicating Using Telepathy? Does everyone have this ability? Many a times we have heard people relating stories about how they were guided by unknown sources to perform tasks which otherwise they, themselves would never have been able to do. A person can mentally control another individual or a group of individuals if he or she has mastered the craft of telepathy. Concentration, self belief, confidence, patience and persistence are the only requirements needed to develop this ability. Easy! What do you say? 3 So I have conquered all these requirements, how do I start using my newly gained ability? Welcome to the world of Telepathy. Let us start our session by sending mental SMS, to our near and dear ones. First, we need a person to send our message to, so choose the person who you want to send the message to. The second thing to do is to find a place far away from the maddening crowd, by that I mean a quiet and peaceful room or a surrounding where you can close your eyes and start your new SMS session without any disturbance. Is there any scientific proof that humans have telepathic abilities? Have you decided on the message you want to forward? Well, just a simple Hi or Luv you won’t do. You have to maintain a psychic notebook or diary, where one has to note down the message one wants to send and one has to read this message again and again and again till one gets the feeling that there is nothing more important in this world other than forwarding this very important message. Not so difficult if you want to do away with the time consuming cell texting. A comfortable chair, sofa or a soft bed is the next requirement. One has to make one’s self as comfortable as possible to fill positive and energetic feelings inside one’s self. The right feelings will help to channel your thoughts in the right direction and comfort will help you to reach your goal. Develop the right feelings and you are on your way to find out what exactly telepathy is. How far are we from achieving brain-to-brain communication? Close your eyes miss me, close your eyes kiss me, interesting wishes, which one has to wish for as it is very important to get a picture perfect visual formed in one’s mind of the person who is going to receive the message forwarded by your mind. A video clip of your message should be made in your mind and this mental video will be sent to the person concerned. Are you sure my message will be received via telepathy? 2 Simple, just ask the person who you sent the mental SMS to tell you about the thought that came to his or her mind about the subject the message was based on. But do remember to be careful about the fact that the other person should not come to know that you have sent them this message. Telepathy is still a rare science and has many controversies surrounding it and you do not want to lose an old, good friend because of your new hobby. Can I send a group SMS or a mental message to more than one person? As they say practice makes one perfect and daily practice of typing messages mentally on your mental cell is a must. Till date telepathy has been used by writers of fiction and nonfiction, novels, magicians super heroes or patients suffering from psychological disorders. Maybe you might make a beginning in proving that it is possible to send images, pictures, colors’ smells, sounds and thoughts without using the help of our senses or physical interactions. No one has yet been able to prove that Telepathy or the power to receive or send mental notes exits. Maybe Telepathy Experts from can help.
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  • uvanlig håndverk nike air jordan 6 retro sport blå sz 6y hvite sport blå svarte 384665107 stilig  new
    years is like a frodig i utseende Nike Free Run 5.0 + herre røde hvite ( MB224 ) prangende stil tilgjengelig knife, knife knife urges a person old. At the same time it is also egnet kvalitet adidas adiZero Adios Boost 2 - dame - lys grønne / grå elegant i mote a sign of aging wrinkles people, especially many women see wrinkles crawl out from from all sides, is more panic: "Oh, really old?" is not only the motherland medicine thinks, wrinkles aging signs,frodig i utseende
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  • Web Site Design  new
    This is the second part of our series on “what makes a good website.” In the last blog post we talked about conversions, namely, that good website design means using the website development process to create a website that turns visitors into buyers (or clients or patients or customers…). Particularly if you are a small business with a limited marketing budget you probably have to rely heavily on your website for your marketing strategy. The challenge of course is that you have to use a combination of technology, marketing, and graphic design – or website design – to develop a website that gets results.
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