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  • 4 benefits of help desk outsourcing?  new
    Help desk outsourcing offers customer or end users with information and support related to a technology, software or company. Read its 4 benefits. 40% of help desk positions in the banking industry are held by help desk outsourcing services. Around 55% of customers are likely to get attracted towards excellent customer service. 85% of the customers are ready to pay more for upgraded help desk experience. Outsourcing cost success rate for help desk is 74%. (Source: credit donkey, computer economics) Above statistics indicate help desk outsourcing market is growing higher at a CAGR of more than 6% during the year 2016 to 2020. Help desk services are responsible for providing consumers with excellent technical support in their time of need. Unfortunately many organizations’ budget do not allow them to have an in-house help desk solution to support customers. This is the prime reason why help desk outsourcing is considered. Following are the 4 mind blowing benefits achieved by help desk outsourcing: Availability- No organization is able to provide 24x7 help desk support with an in-house team. Help desk outsourcing services has dedicated team of experts working in different shifts to deliver 24x7 support to the end consumers. Having no help desk support in place after working hours can lead to frustrated customers, increased complaints, and customer retention. Expertise- In-house support representatives may lack the knowledge or experience to bring all calls to a resolution. Help desk outsourcing services has all the necessary expertise delivering excellent solutions to the customers. These experts deliver better call management and skills with your service level objectives in mind. Response time- Help desk services include taking control of a computer or account without physically being at that location. It saves labor, transportation and material and allows faster response time to detect and troubleshoot problems. With latest technologies, it has become easy for help desk services to cut down response time by immediate dispatch. Cost- Now that’s the core reason any organization hires outsourced services. Help desk outsourcing decreases the cost of labor, technologies, tools and customer losses. Poor help desk can turn into poor brand loyalty that can directly lead to permanent loss of customers. Investing in help desk services, not only saves organization’s money but also creates time to invest in clients and employees. Suma Soft is one of the top 10 help desk services providing the client with a single-point-of-contact. Our services offer: 100% call recording Detailed MIS and reporting system implemented with key SLAs First-call resolution rate of calls increased to over 75% Overall cost-reduction by 50% Get a free demo>>
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  • Best orthopedic doctor in delhi  new
    Oncallbiz - India's leading local search engine that helps you to get your job done. Buy home, Smart shopping, order food, appoint doctors, search jobs, fbd, Delhi, NCR
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  • Through Target Ad Easily You Can Reach At Your Desired Business Goal  new
    Small businesses those have target ad only limit in a certain demography, they are interested in newspapers, yellow pages, radio and local television for better brand building and creating awareness about the company and its products.
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  • Top Qualities of Best Anti Ageing Products  new
    Men and women spend a lot of money every year to look younger and attractive. As the person ages, dark spots, wrinkles, blemishes, and acne become very common. Freckles, skin tags and sunspots appear more bright as the person become. For preventing such things catch you, the cosmetic industry is producing best anti ageing products for many years. Every year, there seem to be new ingredients getting added up in the creams for boosting-up the natural beauty of ladies
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  • Using Essential Oils to Aid in Healing Whiplash  new
    By smelling the vapors, internal use, bathing and external application to the skin essential oils natural works throughout the body. As mentioned in scriptures and ancient texts of nearly every culture on earth these methods of healing have been in use for more than six thousand years, as evidence exists. In its use for medicinal purposes the use of essentials has seen resurgence since the 1920's.
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  • Know The Importance Of Corporate Learning  new
    The main idea behind the corporate training programs was to part the skill gap of the employees. With technological advancements going on and on, corporate training.
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  • 7 Best Healthy Weekend Tips  new
    It’s Friday! This is your weekly reminder of the 7 best health weekend tips you need to stay on track over the weekend!
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  • A1Counselling  new
    Everyone tends to get angry at one time or another in their lifetime. Some overcome anger issues quite easily and have no difficulty controlling it, while others struggle with their anger. Issues with anger management just don’t spring up overnight, they grow like weeds, starting from a seed and growing over time under the right conditions and nurturing.
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  • Prophetic Meaning  new
    A website about the prophetic ministry, spirituality and religion.
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  • HO & O Scale Model Trains For Sale In Ontario  new
    Baxter Backshop is a trusted model train sale company providing high quality HO & O scale model train sale, repair, servicing and lubrication solutions in Ontario at affordable costs.
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    Data science certifications help understand the correlation between Big Data & I.T. Already by 2018, it is projected that the number of jobs per total number of scientists available would be remarkably disproportionate. This tells the need for people to show more interest in this profession. If another interesting projection is to be believed, then by the year 2020, around 40 zettabytes of data would have been generated.
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  • Hadoop Certifications- How Will It Help Me?  new
    It is very easy to hear everyone say big data is going to change the way we look at data. Data exploration can be easy and so will be the ability to get the data that will be crucial to making decisions about the future business.
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