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  • MirrorSphere  new
    MirrorSphere - IT Support Services | Data Migrations | Enterprise Vault Services
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  • Learn How to Prevent Quality and Compliance Problems by having a strong system for Purchasing Contro  new
    In this era of globalization; outsourcing has become a major component of business. Outsourcing brings many benefits for companies. Short and long-term cost benefits, the ability to concentrate on their core activities and grow their business, and the freedom of avoiding the actual tasks that go into manufacturing are some of the stated benefits of outsourcing. When it comes to high precision, high technology and critical products such as medical devices, outsourcing brings many benefits, but comes with enormous challenges. Because of the nature of the products, and the intended use they are put to; medical devices need proper controls when they are being entrusted to suppliers. Controls are a dire need for any product, but more so for such lifesaving products as medical devices. Disastrous consequences of lack of proper controls Failed products or components can have disastrous consequences on the patients, who are the end-users of these medical devices. Avoiding such situations is in the interest of everyone concerned, be it the patient or the manufacturer. While the adverse effects of the use of defective medical devices on the patients are known; medical device manufacturers too, stand to suffer when such products enter the market. They suffer a loss of reputation. Their products could get recalled, and the FDA could slap 483’s or Warning Letters, or impose other harsh penalties on them. Most important of all, the FDA holds the manufacturer and not the supplier responsible for any such mishap. Therefore, the need for putting supplier controls in place is critical. They must comply with the standards and requirements for this aspect set out by the FDA, namely CFR 820.50. If manufacturers choose to manufacture their products themselves, the onus is equally high, because in this instance, they must put the right purchasing controls in place. Purchase starts with the selection of the raw material for the product and could potentially include the purchase of all components, each of which should comply with the standards specified by the FDA. A complete understanding on how to put effective purchasing/supplier controls in place A detailed learning session which will offer proper understanding of the controls that need to be put in place for purchasing/supply of medical devices is being organized by Compliance4All, a leading provider of professional trainings for all the areas of regulatory compliance. Susanne Manz, an accomplished leader in the medical device industry with emphasis on quality, compliance, and Six Sigma, and who brings an extensive background in quality and compliance for medical devices from new product development, to operations, to post-market activities; will be the speaker at this webinar. Please visit to enroll for this webinar and gain complete understanding of the controls that need to be put in place for purchasing/supplier of medical devices. Susanne will give the participants of this webinar an understanding of their responsibilities in terms of purchasing controls, which will enable them to provide safe and effective products to your customers. She will show how to prevent quality and compliance problems by putting a strong system in place for purchasing controls. She will familiarize participants with the regulations and how they can translate these into an efficient and effective process for purchasing/ supplier control. The essential elements of purchasing control and how these can be translated into their procedures will explained. Susanne will also discuss the process steps for purchasing control and how it relates to other parts of a manufacturer’s QMS including receiving and acceptance activities. She will cover the following areas at this webinar: Understanding the regulations Lessons Learned FDA Expectations Purchasing Controls Process Planning Evaluation of Suppliers Purchasing Data Performance Management Feedback and Communication Best Practices Inspection Readiness This session will help personnel in the medical devices industry who are connected with supplier and purchase, such as Supplier Engineers, Supplier Auditors, Supplier/Purchasing Managers, Quality Engineers, Supplier Quality Engineers, Compliance Personnel, and Compliance Specialists. For more updates just click the below link
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  • Best Online Bachelor's Degrees  new
    Best Online Bachelor's Degrees is a site dedicated to providing tips and tricks for aspiring and current online students. Here you can find top degree and career information.
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  • Online Bachelor's Resources  new
    Online Bachelor's Resources is a site dedicated to providing tips and tricks for aspiring and current online students. Here you can find tutorials and career information for popular degrees.
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  • Family Survival Farm-Blog  new
    Homestead, Prepper, Farm, and Survival arebut a few of our topics. Visit our blog as we grow, It was designed with your health and survival in mind.
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  • Locksmith & Security  new
    If you're in need of a practiced locksmith Horsham PA citizens can stand by, Locksmith & Security wants to hear from you. Our trained technicians are insured, bonded and licensed professionals who can aid you with all of your residential, commercial, automotive and emergency security requirements. Contact us now to set up an appointment with a residential locksmith Horsham PA homeowners can rely on for in-depth alarm system installation. Phone us A.S.A.P. to book an appointment with a commercial locksmith Horsham PA business owners can rely on for exemplary file cabinet lock repair work, too. Our warranties, response times and emergency services are all exceptional.
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  • Rowe Digital, Inc. Blog  new
    Kevin Rowe is the Founder & CEO for Rowe Digital. He has built programs for clients from Fortune 100 to Silicon Valley startups. Kevin has built this small firm focused on scalable solutions to maintain consistency and quality with advanced project management and planning for every project. Rowe Digital sticks to what they know so they can do it better. If a project doesn’t fit with their core offerings, then they don’t take it.
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  • web design & development, digital marketing blog  new
    Eweev is a digital media agency that provides tips and news about web design & development, mobile sites, Android & iphone apps, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), online advertising
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  • Filipina Dating & Christian Filipina  new
    An interesting sourse full of useful information about Filipina Dating, Marriage and Family. The blog is filled with inetersting artilces, tips and ideas about relationships with Filipina girls.
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  • What to wear on your Tanzania Safari  new
    Planning what to wear and essentials to bring on your upcoming safari in Tanzania is not all that complicated. Everything you need is most likely in your closet already!
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  • 13 Images on How Software Programs is Making the World a Better Place  new
    Technology, what comes into your mind when you hear that word? Normally, people would say, it is helping us to do our work or task easier. Gadgets such as smartphones and tablets; home appliances such as smart refrigerator, smart television, and even burners are all a product of technology. But what makes it smart? Well, that is how we would involve software programs in this article.
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  • 14 Reasons Why Software Systems Changed the Lives of The Mankind  new
    Do you have a smart phone? A smart television or any smart appliances at home? If yes, then you already have an idea of what software systems are. Software systems are the technology installed on your phone and appliances to make them “smart.” Products such as a smart washing machine is a product of a software system. Traditionally, it would take time and effort to do the laundry. You have to use both of your arms to wash your clothes and it would be very tiring and hurtful as you scrub your clothes between your hands. But now, using a smart washing machine, you can only put your clothes on it, wait for a few minutes and you’re done. Clean and effortless. Aside from this, there are other products of a software system that changed the lives of mankind. Here are 14 reasons why software systems changed the lives of mankind.
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  • 7 Fascinating Website Design Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow  new
    Wondering of what causes a high bounce rate or a decrease in the number of traffic? Or a low number of conversion rates? Well, there are things you may take consider to these factors but maybe this is caused by a poor website design. Having an effective website design can be a key to help you gain more traffic, decrease number of bounce rate and increase your conversion rate. And a good website with an effective website design would help you grow your business successfully. How would you achieve this? Here are 7 fascinating website design tactics that would help you improve and grow your business through digital marketing.
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  • Fligno Partners With One of World’s Best Logo Design Company, Logojoy!  new
    Fligno, being one of the digital marketing companies in the Gold Coast has again reached another milestone that could benefit the online marketing industry. From expanding their capacity to provide quality and cost-effective software programs, website design and development and digital marketing services in the Philippines – Fligno Philippines, now Fligno has also extended its arms to help businesses grow to allow business owners to create and build their own branding with the help of one of the world’s best logo design company, Logojoy!
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