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  • Branding for Boot-strapped Start-up Businesses!  new
    Reinaphics is a leading Digital Creative Studio offering Branding, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Advertising Design, Web Design and Website Development Services, based in Chennai, India
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  • Digital Business Cards - Why Do You Need Them! - SAS Digital Agency  new
    Ever attended a networking event and collected tons of paper business cards? In a week’s time, you realize you’ve forgotten half of those people you met or you’ve lost the cards. It is difficult to remember names or recall details of people when you meet them in a large networking event. The cost of getting cards printed, the effort of making the cards, all count too. More often than not, details of the business may change as well. How can one counter these elements and work with a business card, that would help people to remember you? The answer is, digital business cards! What Are Digital Business Cards? Digital contact cards are a new age concept where you can create your contact cards and portfolios online or an app. A variety of website and apps have cropped up that you can use to create a contact card that you can share with your colleagues. Newer versions have come up with greater options like location services, portfolio displays, and more. Unlike a traditional business card, digital cards can be flexible, so you can modify or change them whenever needed. Newer team members can be added, older ones can be phased out. If you have been considering rebranding, you can always modify your digital card easily without having to incur additional costs. Why Would You Need Digital Business Cards? Of course, traditional contact cards have a whole tradition behind them. In Japan, cards are normally presented with two hands. The tradition dictates that the chain of command is followed in both giving and receiving them. But, in our world, business card traditions are being rewritten every day. If you thought, but I have always given out traditional business cards, why the sudden need for digital cards, then hear this out. Digital cards help you cut costs, reduce the time to get them designed, and you can carry them around on your phone! No more forgetting to pick up your cards from the printer! You may be questioning this debate, wondering how much you love your printed business cards. Then this is for all those people sitting on the fence in this debate! Traditional business cards occupy space. The card is most likely to be thrown out if the recipient doesn’t need your service at the time. In that case, with a digital card, your contact details can be saved in the recipient’s phone. When you call or email them, they will recall who you are! That can be a major plus in the service industry. Entering details from a traditional business card into a CRM can be painfully time-consuming. To counter that, digital cards can sync in quite easily. Now, does that help win the argument for digital business cards? How To Create and Distribute Your Digital Business Cards? Digital business cards are easy to create and distribute. They can also be quite fun to create. For the millennials, students, and young entrepreneurs, they are a great option to use without having to spend time and cost in making physical cards. For creatives and creative agencies, digital cards can be paired with social media presence and portfolios to give a great boost to business as well. There are a few great options on how to use the digital world and distribute your digital cards: Use QR Codes: For those of you, who are still on the fence about moving to the darker side of digital business cards, you can use a QR Code on your card. A QR Code will save any data that you want it to capture, such as your website, your portfolio page, or your contact number and name. Use a Digital Card Creation App: There are tons of apps available that can be used to create a digital business card. For example, some popular options include Haystack, Inigo, SnapDat, CamCard, and eVaunt. They all have various options like integration with SalesForce CRM, Google Map Integration and Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android. You can choose the one that best fits your need. Things You Can Do With Digital Cards While traditional cards usually contain limited information, digital cards have a great many options for content that can be added. More than that, digital cards can give you a lot of features that you will not have with traditional cards. Add location details and integrate with Google Maps. Your contact card can go directly to Google Maps to show your card recipients, your address location Integrate with your social media presence. Your audience can directly move to your social media pages from your business card Link with your CRM. You can link the digital cards you receive, and the ones you create, directly to your CRM. That can reduce the amount of rework it would take to manually enter all your digital cards Measure performance metrics. Your digital card can be a goldmine of information. With a traditional business card, you won’t know where it goes, and how many people contact you through your card. With your digital card, monitor the social media and website hits, to see what contact points are working for you best What works for you best, a traditional business card or a digital business card? Do share with us your comments and views.
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  • Essential Oils - A Botox Alternative with Surprising Results  new
    To put it simply, every time you laugh, smile, frown, or for that matter do just about anything with your facial muscles, wrinkles are caused by the underlying contractions of these muscles.
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  • Getting Started With Essential Oils  new
    Make sure that the Doterra Australia product has been tested multiple times, to ensure that there are no fillers, toxins and foreign material that would compromise the oil.
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    The benefits of strength training at gyms are well established– better health, weight loss and social interaction opportunities. But in many cases, life comes in way of good intentions and people don’t make full use of their gym memberships. Not surprisingly busy fitness enthusiasts keen to meet their workout commitments run into this quandary sooner or later, what would make most sense - a commercial gym or a home gym? Public gyms and home gyms each have their own set of pros and cons. Understanding them will help you make the right decision. Public Gym Public or commercial gyms are seen as the default place to go when we in a serious workout mode. The advantages that that gyms offer are many: 1. Range Of Weight Training Equipment Gyms are set up to offer an extensive array of machines catering to different needs. Whether you want to lift weights or do bench presses, a gym is guaranteed to have the right equipment. 2. Motivating Atmosphere Regular working out demands commitment and motivation. A gym automatically puts one amidst people who are dedicated to exercising, which can be encouraging. 3. Lower Investment Gym membership requires monthly investment in form of fees which are typically not a large amount. 4. Amenities Public gym setups often have additional facilities like personal trainers, steam rooms, and training programs. These amenities enhance the experience of your workout session and make it more enjoyable and effective. 5. Availability of ready support Fellow gym-goers or trainers in the vicinity can act as spotters so have the confidence that there is someone around to ensure your safety. Home Gym Hectic lifestyle along with availability of good quality gym equipment is making home gyms more popular: 1. Convenience No commuting, no scheduled timings, no waiting – with home gyms all one needs is motivation. You can just start your workout whenever you want without any external factors affecting your decision. 2. Complete Privacy Public gyms often are choc-a-bloc with other exercisers crowding the machines, which can hamper privacy. In a home gym you need not worry about being self-conscious or being stared at. 3. No monthly fees Although the initial investment may be high for home gyms, it eliminates monthly gym membership fees which can add up to a large sum over time. 4. Targeted Equipment & workouts In a home gym, you can put in the exact machines that you specifically need, and do workouts as per your needs rather than having to be restricted by machine/trainer availability in commercial gyms. Having the right fitness environment is helpful as it makes workout sessions more productive, increases motivation, ultimately leading to better results. Committed exercisers would need to tradeoff between different priorities to decide what would be the best choice – the convenience of a home gym or the variety of a commercial gym setup.
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  • International Courier Services in Hyderabad  new
    Omni Express International Courier and Cargo offers a unique service to send parcels to anywhere in the world from India for over 10 years. We are only the International courier company specialized in India delivering Food Items.
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    choice of management. After work to go to BQQ,NIKE ZOOM KO NIKE ZOOM KOBE VENOMENON 6 BE VENOMENON 6, can you dress up trouble? Don't worry,adida adidas neo racer s neo racer, a small suit jacket can help you help. If you build enough confidence,NIKE KOBE BRYANT A.D, it may choose a brightly colored jumpsuit,nike kd 9, with daily small s NIKE KOBE BRYANT A.D uit,NIK
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  • Get into Wharton School’s Leadership  new
    Wharton School of Business University of Pennsylvania presents business programs for undergrad and graduate students. These leadership talent management programs are being ranked amongst the top in the world and they are very difficult to crack.
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  • Make a Difference with Crutch Pads  new
    Statement crutch accessories make your boring crutches instantly trendy. You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns. Pick your favorite crutch pads to add some much needed personality to your crutches.
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  • Best Plugins of 2017 for WordPress SEO Optimization  new
    SEO is extremely important for websites and no website can ignore it. Check out these top WordPress SEO optimization plugins of 2017 to help your on-page SEO.
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  • Creative Agencies in Hyderabad  new
    Uppercut is one of the unique and creative advertising agency in Hyderabad, INDIA, which is branded that we turn even those into a brand who started out with a spec. Dreams are in black and white, hereafter the Beyond all those algorithms.
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