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2 Windows to Russia
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4 Hermeneuta urbano
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6 Famous Motivational and Inspirational Quotes
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  • Hypnotic Blend- Totally PSYCHO & SUPERnatural Blog  new
    Brand new psycho and supernatural blog with giveaways! Featuring advice and psych articles as well as new age beliefs and thoughts. Up to date and always fresh. Once you see it you'll keep coming back!
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  • Hypnotic States of Americans  new
    The most despicable, oft-repeated lie about hypnosis is that one cannot be hypnotized to think what is untrue or to act against one’s own free will. That is flatly untrue. Skilled manipulators have known it forever. The manipulators have guarded this secret carefully, partly by repeating the lie that such influence is impossible. It is not safe to regard hypnosis as a harmless parlor game, or to remain oblivious to how it works. Without awareness of how hypnotic influence works and of how to counter and reduce its influence in oneself and others, even people living in supposedly free societies will become increasingly enslaved to influences largely invisible to them—while simultaneously being hypnotized to regard themselves as free and in charge of their own lives. Based on the author’s discoveries about hypnotic influence gathered over more than 60 years, this book seeks to show you how to become less susceptible to past and present hypnotic influences and thus more able to live in true freedom, drawing your energy from what is real and right so that you are fully alive in a healthy sense. Freedom from hypnotic influence, even from influences seeking to get you to do what is right or think what is true, is essential if people are to be able to escape an unhealthy dependence on their manipulators, caregivers, experts and leaders (even the well-meaning among them). Reading this book, watching the hypnosis demonstration video and practicing the recommended exercise will awaken within you a spiritual center from which you will be impervious to improper influence and able to influence the world for the better—as effortlessly as the most skilled martial artist can deal with an opponent.
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  • I sentieri della ragione  new
    Blog di filosofia al cui interno potete trovare tutto ciò che concerne il mondo della filosofia!
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  • India’s Energy Security Scenarios (2047)  new
    Urja Prabodhan Kendra, a dedicated group of senior professionals, who study state/national power issues organized a seminar to discuss national energy policy issues. This seminar was conducted at SP Jain Institute of Management and Research on the 5th of August. Students from 8 academic institutions in Mumbai attend this event. In total, about 200 participants benefited from the seminar.
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  • LifeReader  new
    Free Psychic Readings online - Talk to one of our Live Psychics today. Free Chat Readings with Gifted Psychics and Mediums. Phone and Chat - LifeReader® Contact us- for more details.
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  • Live Life  new
    A blog with regards to the things making up our life and which enables us to live and love life a lot more. Live life to the fullest. Make your entire goals come true as well.
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