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Arts & Entertainment Blogs

  • The Creative Elements
    We specialise in creating unique, innovative and trend driven Textile designs for the fashion and lifestyle industries. Our bases in Sydney, New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, Shanghai and Los Angeles allow our prints to reflect a global presence.
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Arts & Entertainment Blogs : Television

  • 2015 Cheap Nike Air Max UK Online  new
    discard golf apparel sector conservative style and color, to devel air jordans for cheap op different styles of trendy styles; at the same time to jo in the creative elements, let any one individual in a monotone stadium background can become the protagonist. He Di Jamain (HARDY AMIES) is a symbol of success, vi tality,air
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Business Blogs

  • All That A Perfect Halloween Party Should Have  new
    So, you are all set to host your first Halloween party and want to make it an unforgettable one for all your buddies but do not have enough resources to help you. Well, you have landed at the best place! Here's a list of all that'll make your Halloween party the perfect kind of scary, spooky and thrilling experience for all your friends. Creative invites: Once you have decided the venue, theme and guest list, get creative with the invites that you will be sending out to all your guests. You can either mail these invites or send handmade invites. Spill all your creativity so as to give an idea of what all your friends should expect at your party. You may have a graveyard or a witch castle themed party, so, keeping the respective elements in mind, you can make your invites descriptive enough so that it creates anticipation for your guests. Scary decorations: The decoration part again requires your creativity. Depending on your theme, you can use all sorts of scary and spooky decor like cobwebs, zombie shaped dummies, blood stain impressions, skulls and all that you can think of to scare your guests. That mood: The best thing you can do to set that perfect horror mood is to use either UV lighting or as dim lighting as possible. You can also use those neon decors as they are easily visible in UV lights. These glow in the dark decoration elements can help you get those extra points. Unusual menu: Well, it's nothing like you have to spend a whole day thinking of unique dishes and drinks to serve your guests. It's just the same party food with a bit of twist in presentation and names. For instance, you may serve "Killer chicken", "Spider cupcakes", "Ghost cakes", "Bloody punch" and more! Prefer serving red colored drinks to give that exaggerated feel! Spooky music: Make sure that you have all sorts of scary sounds playing at the party right from the moment people enter your party. Spooky kind of music is all that'll add to that horror feel!
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  • Digital Business Cards - Why Do You Need Them! - SAS Digital Agency  new
    Ever attended a networking event and collected tons of paper business cards? In a week’s time, you realize you’ve forgotten half of those people you met or you’ve lost the cards. It is difficult to remember names or recall details of people when you meet them in a large networking event. The cost of getting cards printed, the effort of making the cards, all count too. More often than not, details of the business may change as well. How can one counter these elements and work with a business card, that would help people to remember you? The answer is, digital business cards! What Are Digital Business Cards? Digital contact cards are a new age concept where you can create your contact cards and portfolios online or an app. A variety of website and apps have cropped up that you can use to create a contact card that you can share with your colleagues. Newer versions have come up with greater options like location services, portfolio displays, and more. Unlike a traditional business card, digital cards can be flexible, so you can modify or change them whenever needed. Newer team members can be added, older ones can be phased out. If you have been considering rebranding, you can always modify your digital card easily without having to incur additional costs. Why Would You Need Digital Business Cards? Of course, traditional contact cards have a whole tradition behind them. In Japan, cards are normally presented with two hands. The tradition dictates that the chain of command is followed in both giving and receiving them. But, in our world, business card traditions are being rewritten every day. If you thought, but I have always given out traditional business cards, why the sudden need for digital cards, then hear this out. Digital cards help you cut costs, reduce the time to get them designed, and you can carry them around on your phone! No more forgetting to pick up your cards from the printer! You may be questioning this debate, wondering how much you love your printed business cards. Then this is for all those people sitting on the fence in this debate! Traditional business cards occupy space. The card is most likely to be thrown out if the recipient doesn’t need your service at the time. In that case, with a digital card, your contact details can be saved in the recipient’s phone. When you call or email them, they will recall who you are! That can be a major plus in the service industry. Entering details from a traditional business card into a CRM can be painfully time-consuming. To counter that, digital cards can sync in quite easily. Now, does that help win the argument for digital business cards? How To Create and Distribute Your Digital Business Cards? Digital business cards are easy to create and distribute. They can also be quite fun to create. For the millennials, students, and young entrepreneurs, they are a great option to use without having to spend time and cost in making physical cards. For creatives and creative agencies, digital cards can be paired with social media presence and portfolios to give a great boost to business as well. There are a few great options on how to use the digital world and distribute your digital cards: Use QR Codes: For those of you, who are still on the fence about moving to the darker side of digital business cards, you can use a QR Code on your card. A QR Code will save any data that you want it to capture, such as your website, your portfolio page, or your contact number and name. Use a Digital Card Creation App: There are tons of apps available that can be used to create a digital business card. For example, some popular options include Haystack, Inigo, SnapDat, CamCard, and eVaunt. They all have various options like integration with SalesForce CRM, Google Map Integration and Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android. You can choose the one that best fits your need. Things You Can Do With Digital Cards While traditional cards usually contain limited information, digital cards have a great many options for content that can be added. More than that, digital cards can give you a lot of features that you will not have with traditional cards. Add location details and integrate with Google Maps. Your contact card can go directly to Google Maps to show your card recipients, your address location Integrate with your social media presence. Your audience can directly move to your social media pages from your business card Link with your CRM. You can link the digital cards you receive, and the ones you create, directly to your CRM. That can reduce the amount of rework it would take to manually enter all your digital cards Measure performance metrics. Your digital card can be a goldmine of information. With a traditional business card, you won’t know where it goes, and how many people contact you through your card. With your digital card, monitor the social media and website hits, to see what contact points are working for you best What works for you best, a traditional business card or a digital business card? Do share with us your comments and views.
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Internet Blogs : Web Design

Technology Blogs

  • Immersive Onboarding - a new web video experience  new
    If you think about it, the video gaming industry has been building fully immersive onboarding experiences for years, where sophisticated hardware and gaming engines walk users through a setup and train them to play the game. If you are driving a web application, creating a rich, immersive onboarding experience for your new users has not been a technically viable option, until now. With Exaltive’s Video Guided Workflows, it is now possible to create a new user experience that both guides the user and collects input on the same screen, all within a browser. The secret is Exaltive’s toolset and APIs that allow you to take a base video and leverage HTML5 to merge it with your application controls. The result is a video storyline that can deliver your message, re-enforce your brand, and ensure the users complete your forms, placed on the video as interactive components. Exaltive’s built-in navigation controls allow you to manage how the users progress through the process, using video looping to wait while users complete a form, branching to new sections based on inputs, and support for validations or other interface to your applications. An immersive experience creates a far more lasting memorable experience for the user. Besides just being easier to complete, the video uses text, voice, music and images to engage more of the user’s all senses. It can also create a personal experience asking to having a guide walk you through the process. The combination of all these elements makes an long lasting impression. For the first time, Exaltive’s Video Driven Workflows give designers an entirely new way to interact with the users on the web. We are eager to see the types of amazing new experiences that will be built when creative teams start to stretch the boundaries of what an immersive web based experience can be.
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